Vacation is an e-mail auto-responder. It answers your e-mail when you are on vacation or out-of-office.

Vacation is a perl script. It mimics the Unix vacation program. It is intended for Linux or Unix distributions that do not come with a vacation program. It can also be useful for people needing more advanced handling of .forward files (see below).

In most aspects this script is stripped down in functionality compared to the Unix vacation program. However, with the handling of .forward files it is more advanced. If a .forward file already exists and contains forwards to something else then vacation, it adds a line to the original .forward file instead of overwriting it. Later, when vacation is disabled, this line is deleted again. This behaviour leaves other forwards intact.

Get the vacation script. The documentation is included in the header. Beware of DOS to Unix (CR-LF to LF) text file conversion when copying the script.

Vacation is free software.